Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Inspiring versus Commanding

When you speak your truth or tell your stories, do you know if you are inspiring someone or you are intimidating someone because you are sounding more like you are commanding?

I was brought up in a very religious family and whenever I swayed from the teachings of the religion, my father would lecture me about it.  Being a young girl and still finding my own truth, I would obey blindly and set aside doubts and questions.

As I grew,  and part of that growth was independence from my parents, I experienced a lot of spiritiual, emotional, and mental growth, and slowly started realizing my own truth and forming my life around these self-found truths.   Whenever I succeeded, I would understand why and take full responsibility for it.  In the same manner, every mistake and failure along the way established my truths in a much stronger sense.

Recently I was on the phone with my father and candidly, I shared with him my recent spiritual growths and self truths, including self stories of my life.  I did not realize that my way of life now is a little diverse from the life that he has shown me...and we got into that familiar zone where he started telling me to do this and that.

At that moment, instead of feeling inspired, I felt attacked and judged.  I told him that I understand and respect his point of view but I just want to make sure I understand that he respects my truth even if it is far from his.

That's when I started recalling the many conversations I had with my friends, complete strangers, on topics about spiritual growth and beliefs and made me really ponder if I was more inspiring ... than commanding.

My message here is to share this pondering with you.

As we speak our truth, it would be so nice if we are inspiring at the same time; it would be so loving if the energy we are sending as we share our life stories motivate and lovingly reminds and kindly assists.

With Love,