Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Allow It

One method I use to feel the affirmations that I say and make it natural for me to resonate with what I am saying or thinking, especially if there is a gap betwen what I am trying to affirm and where I am currently in my life, is to start the affirmation with "I allow".

Sometimes when you say "I am" or "I have" but from you are at that point, you still don't have "it" that you are asking for, it does not feel right or genuine, and we know, when we are saying and doing affirmations, it must come from the heart and it must feel like you are experiencing it already, that is is already given, and you are  in great expectations of it.

With "I Allow", I find that the gap is diminished, if not, totally vanished.

I allow love into my life, the kind of love that is calm, honest, amazing, and pure.
I allow abundance into every aspect of my life.
I allow my dream house into my life
I allow my dream job into my life
I allow genuine friends in  my life
I allow perfect health in my life
I allow my life purpose to show in my daily doings, thoughts, and feelings

and when it starts to feel real, you can take advantage of that feeling and start saying "I am" or "I have".

I am joy in every way
I am healthy in every way
I am abundant in every way
I am a money magnet in every way
I am living my life's purpose
I am intuitive

Happy Allowing to all of you,