Friday, December 13, 2013

Three Finger Technique

Today I'm going to teach you the 3-finger technique.  Whenever you are happy, program yourself to remember that vibe/frequency/feeling so that you can get your body to that level during the moments that you need to be motivated/energized/reminded of what life really is about.  The way you program your body to do that is whenever you are happy/high/feeling the "nirvana"/excited/content/relaxed, put your three fingers (thumb/forefinger/middle fingers) together.  Do it as often as you can until it becomes second nature to you, and by doing so, your body associates that gesture to those feelings.  Now, when you are not feeling good, and you need to feel good, just put those three fingers together, and your body will get you "there".  Happy Friday and remember, focus on the good and the good will keep coming your way!