Wednesday, July 6, 2016

{Ask and You Shall Receive}

In 2014, I started telling my husband that I think we should really start planning on how we can move to a warmer state, if we see ourselves retiring in a warm state. I told him that I think it is best to not wait until we are old and gray, that we should move and establish ourselves where we want to be eventually. God answered. In a chain of interesting events, I started feeling the need to pursue other work opportunities, which led me to accept a consulting job in May 2015. With this job, I had to travel to California, which prompted me to look into nearby states that would lessen the travel time. One day, I woke up with a voice in my head to google house in Arizona, and Maricopa houses came up. I showed a house to my hubby, and he said with conviction, we are moving to Arizona. In a few weeks, he flew in to Arizona, worked with a real estate agent to do house showings via facetime and youtube videos. With a leap of faith, we sold our house in Waukesha, we made an offer to our house in Arizona, and even though we have not closed on either houses, we drove 3 days to Arizona to get in time for the first day of school for Brandon, which is Aug 3 2015. We arrived in Arizona July 28 2015. The Arizona house negotiation was still going back and forth. By July 31 2015, we got an accepted offer and moved to the new house Aug 1, 2015. They let us live in the house for free until the closing. We closed the Arizona house on Aug 19, 2015. You see, prayers are answered when you believe and follow your intuition. Thank you God.