Monday, April 27, 2015

Start Up Kit for Dealing with Stress/Negative Energy/Negative Thoughts

I created a startup kit for someone I love when he was in such a negative place in his life.  I found a window of opportunity that he is receptive to wisdom and I found myself writing a list for him.  I hope this helps all of you as well!

  1. Take deep breaths
  2. Take a walk to dissipate negative energy
  3. For every negative thought/energy, say/pray "My life is in divine order.  All is Well, Everything is Working out For Me."
  4. Read/watch something inspirational/funny EVERYDAY
  5. Distract your thoughts every 2-5 minutes by daydreaming or writing things you want/love/need
  6. Dig into your memory bank and pull the great and happy memories of your life, then think about them in place of the negative thought
  7. Be thankful.  Simply say "thank you" over and over
  8. Say great words in your mind repeateadly ; "Wealth, wealth, wealth, Love, Love, Love,  Peace, peace, peace.  Joy, joy, joy."