Tuesday, July 5, 2016

{Ask and You Shall Receive}

My husband is the only hope in his family to carry on the family name Maki. Not only that, we were trying to have a baby for almost two years and I wasn't getting pregnant. When we finally saw a doctor, it was found that we cannot have a baby. My husband accepted that BUT I DID NOT. I believed in my heart that I am destined to be a mom. I also believed that we will have a baby boy. When we bought our first house in Waukesha, I picked the room for the baby and painted it blue. At night I would imagine having a growing baby in my womb and I talked to him a lot. Everyday I would pretend I was holding this baby in my arms and singing to him. God answered. In March 2007, I got pregnant naturally. And it was a baby boy. And he grew up in that room that I reserved for him even before we knew all these wonderful things would come true. Thank you God.