Tuesday, September 17, 2013

When something or someone manifested but is not as perfect as what you want

This is what my heart tells me when something or someone I really want to manifest seemed to have manifested but it is not quite the perfect version of what I wanted.

Please allow me to use an example of manifesting a partner/boyfriend/girlfriend as an example to make it much easier to share my thoughts.

- When you asked  God/Universe for your ideal mate for the first time, you must have started out by describing that person physically, emotionally, financially --- you have a list of all the ideal traits of that person
-  The more you focus and imagine this perfect person for you, the more sure you become on what you want and not want ---  this is the Law of attraction working for you
- If you think about this dream of yours day and night, and you feel as you imagine this person, Law of attraction will start bringing people into your life who possess those traits that you listed; sometimes the traits come one at a time or just a few at a time to help you know if that's what you really want; for instance, you may have asked for someone really artistic and smart, and then you meet someone whom you start to get attracted to, who is smart but not artistic, and then you ask if she is the one.  The universe is helping you figure out if the absence of artistic is really that important to you --- if you feel it is, then you just have to wait, and have faith that the perfect one is being prepared for you
- You can always change what you want; you dont have to stick with your original list;  the important thing is that what you want is really your heart's desire, and you feel happy and inspired whenever you imagine what you want.  When you start to feel a diminished feeling while imagining, you know that you are getting way too detailed and it is not fun anymore, then you must stop and go back to the level of imagining where you feel happy and fun
- As you wait, have fun with it --- keep expecting your dream to come true as much as you can, and then one day, YOU HAVE IT.

Love you all ~