Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Gratitude Prayer with kids from head to toe

I want to share with you how I prayed with my 5 year old Brandon the other night:

As I was scratching his back, I started asking him to thank God for the following:

- for our eyes --- and Brandon started saying, because they make us see
- for our nose --- Brandon: because they help us breathe... (Me: and let us smell all the good smell)
- for our mouth --- Brandon: because they let us talk ... (Me: and taste food and enjoy eating)
- for our heart --- Brandon: they make us live ... (Me: and make us feel and love)
- for our arms and legs --- Brandon : they make us move... (Me: and dance, and run, and walk, and do all sorts of fun)
- for our Mommy and Daddy --- Brandon : if we dont have mommy and daddy it is sad
- for our bed --- Brandon: if we dont have a bed, I will sleep on the floor
- for our house --- Brandon: if I dont have a house, I will sleep outside
- for our blanket --- Brandon: I will feel very cold

... and we continued to just look around his bedroom and thanked God for everything.

Try it and learn how much your little ones understand the things he/she can be grateful about, and how you can use that prayer time to open their hearts to all the many things we can be very grateful for.

With much love...