Thursday, September 26, 2013

letter I wrote to Brandon's teacher, his school's Principal, and Waukesha School District's Curriculum's Asst Superintendent:


 HI Mrs. Meyrose and Mr. Russell,
 I'm Annie Maki, Brandon Maki's mother. Brandon is currently k1 under the care of Mrs. Meyrose, who by the way is truly touching the life of our precious one.

 I am writing because I want to share a short video with you that really resonated with me because it addressed some of the concepts that I have been wanting and wishing are incorporated into our educational system today.

 Brandon is 5 years old now. He is just becoming aware of the world around him, he is at a stage where people, things, and events around him start to form as foundational knowledge to his well being. I am 41 years old and the things I learned from the time I gained consciousness of how the world is and how that formed my own perception of what is and how it is, and how my knowledge either gained through formal education or personal experience navigated me to where I am now and where I want to be in life, or what I want to have, or what I want to be in the years to come, have borne a desire in me to do my best to find the school that will be instrumental in providing an education to our son that will not only assist him in being academically sound and successful, but will possess methods/tools/concepts that will enable him in some level, to be successful in life.

 I believe that school is just one type of education in this journey called life, as home life is also an education system in its own right, including the education we assimilate simply by going through life making day to day choices and being accountable for those choices, and the education we receive through people/events/things/religions that inspire and motivate us.

 I just ask that you take a moment to view this video, and if it makes sense to you, perhaps we can partner and leverage our current roles as "teachers" to this generation that we are shepherding.

 Thank you for your time and attention.