Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The shaman believes that we live in a benign universe. Evil exists, but only in the human heart. We live in a collaborative, benign universe that will actually go out of its way to conspire on our behalf. But you have to be in proper relationship with it. In the medicine traditions, the shaman sees no difference between being killed by a microbe or killed by a jaguar. To us, one of them is an illness, and one is an accident, Poor boy, he went to the river at dusk, and got eaten up. For the shaman, these two are identical. You have to be in proper relationship with microbes and with jaguars, otherwise they both begin to look at you as lunch. When youre not in proper relationship, the universe turns predatory. It begins to stalk you. When we come out of proper relationship, the universe becomes adversarial we hit obstacle after obstacle but when we are in proper relationship, it conspires on our behalf. The most unlikely possibilities line up to make things work for us. This is an essential aspect of the healing process in the medicine way: to come into proper relationship. Not to medicate, to treat, to intervene, but to come into proper relationship through an energetic process.