Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Universal Law of Attraction

Here is an excerpt from Abe-hicks journal of Law of Attraction:
The universe and the law of attraction are simply responding to your thought—real or imagined, current or remembered. Whatever evidence you see around you is nothing more than the manifestational indicator of someone’s thought, and there is no reason for what others are creating with their thoughts to cause you to feel frightened or vulnerable.
There is no such thing as an unchangeable condition. There is not a physical situation, no matter what the state of negative degeneration, that cannot receive wellness. But it requires an understanding of the Law of Attraction, the guidance represented by emotion, and a willingness to deliberately focus upon things that make you feel good. If you could understand that your body is responding to what you are thinking, and if you could hold your thoughts where you want them to be—all of you would be well.
Excerpted from Abraham’s newest book: Money, and the Law of Attraction