Sunday, March 31, 2013


I always try to find new ways to effectively manifest my desires and my search led me to this wonderful technique that works so well for me: FLOW DREAMING
To let blessings and good things pour in my life, I do the following:
  1. I ask, believe, and then wait to receive
  2. In my waiting and anticipation, I stay happy, grateful, and appreciative of everything
  3. I make room for all the good things coming my way
For step #3, the typical suggested way is to release negativity/resistance --- and one method to do that is to meditate.  I tried meditation but it does not work for me all the time as my mind is always always going and thinking.
FLOWDREAMING is perfect for me because it is guided daydreaming that elicits positive emotions from you and therefore release resistance.
I do flowdreaming daily via the mp3's that I bought from Summer McStravick's site.  I do it while I drive to and from work, when I drive alone, and it has brought so many great manifestations in my life.
I know you are here because your inner being has led you to this to get you the answer you are seeking.
Please try it and I hope it works for you.