Sunday, October 13, 2013

Jo Dunning - What is Source Energy

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The Universal Process 

From ancient times it has been known there is a power or energetic force which creates and maintains all life.  This force has been honored, worshiped, studied and prayers and requests offered to it. 

Many people have devoted their lives to discovering more about it and connecting with it.  Once it is directly experienced, the longing for its peace, joy and wisdom is so powerful it often becomes a life journey. 

This energy has been called by many names from many traditions.  Some call it Prana, or Chi, God, Yahweh, Higher Power, Divine Chaos, Universal Consciousness, Divine Force, Scalar Energy and many other names.

It has been the focus of deep study in the areas of Religion, Spirituality, Consciousness, Metaphysics, Quantum Physics and Science. The experiences and beliefs these studies have generated often provide the foundation for the ideology which supports each of these areas as well.

This powerful force that fills our Universe is an energy which is without form yet contains infinite potential.  It has infinite intelligence and wisdom and creates all that is and all that will ever be.  It is what creates, sustains and eventually releases every thing in this world and in all worlds. 

As we grow in consciousness we begin to understand more about this energy and how to align with it and use it to assist in our life.  We explore its secrets and begin to consciously create a happier life for ourselves.  As we continue to access even higher levels of this energy we soon begin to also use it to assist others and create a magnificent world for everyone to enjoy.       

In many traditions the use of this higher level of access is known as Service. 

When someone steps into the higher levels of Service, special portals begin to open which allows them to understand even greater mysteries about this energy and how to use its power to assist others in ever more uplifting ways.  Each time this type of person expands their knowledge and consciousness, they receive even greater access to new and more powerful ways to Serve in the world. 

Sometimes this greater level of access can allow a powerful Initiation to become available or a new life changing process to be created.  Sometimes it is possible to create an even more expanded way to assist the body or bring about greater mental clarity, intelligence, abundance, peace, joy and love. 

Each expansion of consciousness gives greater ability to Serve in the world and create something even more wonderful to assist others. 
The Universal Process, offered by Jo Dunning, is one of those amazing and powerful new processes which has just become available.  This level of access needed to offer this processes, is much higher than any previous level and can offer much greater life change and transformation for those who receive it. 

Jo will be using this very high level of access for The Universal Process on Friday night and will continue to access it for those attending The Awakening Weekend Retreat.

This new process and the great changes it offers, is available to you and to anyone, regardless of your beliefs or your understanding about Consciousness. 

During The Universal Process each person participating will be energetically escorted through special portals and into the very high domain where all miracles and infinite possibilities reside.  In this Divine frequency of Creation, you will be free to discover and align with the miracles you want for your life. 

From this place it is possible for you to create the life you desire.  It offers you the opportunity to expand your consciousness, improve your well being and bring greater abundance and wellness into your life.  You can create the prosperity and expansion you desire for your Consciousness, relationships, health, finances, happiness, love and compassion.  The miracles of life await you at this high level of creation and blessings.

If this opportunity calls to you and you feel hope and joy in your heart, then consider joining The Universal Process either in person or live streamed via the Internet directly to you anywhere in the world.
If you would like to receive the miracles of The Universal Process and are unable to attend or watch the live streamed, you can still be included simply by registering.  Since your Being knows what it needs and your spirit is free to participate, you can even be asleep or continue going about your usual daily life and still receive the energy and miracles of The Universal Process.


NOTE:  The Universal Process is already automatically included for those who register for the weekend retreat, October 18-20th.

Date:  Friday, October 18, 2013
Time:  7:30-9:00 PM, Pacific Time
Location: Live Streamed to your home or In Person, Ventura, CA

IN PERSON Registration closes Monday, October 14th at midnight, Pacific Time

Live Streamed registration remains open.
Click here to register or for more information.