Wednesday, August 7, 2013

We are Here. We Love You.

The Sonia Choquette books that I ordered arrived today!  Very happy.

After Brandon has gone to bed and Hubby is happily settled in his man cave downstairs, I started reading the "Diary of a Psychic".  I was in Chaprter 1 which was Sonia talking about how she asked to hear her spirits.  As I was reading the lines on how she first attempted to talk to them, I closed the book, and I tried it.  Well, I did not hear any voices, but the way "things" come to me are through feelings or first thoughts that come to my mind.  When I asked " Are you there?", the first thought was "We are here Annie and we love you."  and then a series of other thoughts came one after another so I know and trusted that it is the spirits talking to me.  After a few more words from them that were so heart warming, I decided to continue to read the book.  I got to the point when Sonia wrote that she listened and listened and finally heard them!  You know what she wrote when she asked are you there and what the spirits said? "We are here.  We love you."  Whoa!  goosebumps!!! Goosebumps!!!!  Yes, I heard my spirits tonight!