Sunday, August 3, 2014

Keep On Believing

When you have a dream, be strong and steadfast in having the faith that your dream will come true.  Do not let other people's opinion or negative push backs affect you.  Keep that desire burning and YOU WILL HAVE YOUR DREAM.

In one of the books that I have read, it mentioned the importance of keeping your dream a secret.  At first I could not understand it, but my experiences taught me what it really meant.

I have experienced that when an idea/plan comes to me and makes me feel very excited and full of passion, and the idea/plan I have is something that may not sound so realistic at that moment given where I am or who I am, the moment I share it with someone,  I not only start to doubt myself, but it sort of kills the dream.  Next thing you know, I don't even think about it anymore and start thinking that it can never happen.  I do not even try and I start forming a belief that there is no way.

Nowadays, I either keep silent or I choose with whom I share my dream.  If I decide to talk about my "big" dreams, I choose the listener and make sure that the person will fuel me more with inspiration and passion.  I look back and almost all the manifestations I have are things that I just kept within me for a while until it becomes a realization.

I remember being told by our doctor that with my husband's sperm, there is no chance of becoming pregnant.  I noted her findings but I kept on reading and finding ways to become pregnant in a natural way.  I told my husband that I am trying things and all I need is his cooperation.  A few months after the doctor's findings, I got pregant.

Prior to becoming pregnant and even before we were told that we cannot have a baby, I really wanted a baby boy. When we bought our first house, I told my husband that I have chosen the room of the baby and we will paint the room blue because I know that we will have a boy.  We have a boy!

There are so many things like this example that happened in life simply because I believed and that I did not let anyone's belief influence mine.  If I can do it, you can do it.  We don't need to be Oprah, we don't need to be rich and famous, we can be just our simple, perfest selves and make our dreams come true.

Keep on believing!

Love and Hugs,